Vineyard Janowice



  • Address: Janowice, 33-115 Janowice

In the picturesque southwestern slope of Janowice, near Tarnów, lies an extraordinary place that delights with its charm and richness of flavors - Janowice Winery. Established in the spring of 2013, this magical vineyard has created a paradise for wine enthusiasts, providing unforgettable experiences during tastings.

Nature in Janowice has endowed this place with unique atmospheric conditions that favor the excellent cultivation of various grape varieties. Both classic ones, like Vitis vinifera (Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir Précoce, Chardonnay, Siegerrebe, Auxerrois), and hybrid ones (Rondo, Regent, Solaris, Johanniter, Seyval Blanc), find their ideal habitat here. This makes the wines from Janowice Winery stand out with a unique character and exceptional flavors.

However, it's not just the wine that is exceptional here. The place itself is an oasis of peace and beauty. The location of the vineyard on the edge of hills and the breathtaking view of the Dunajec Valley captivate the hearts of visitors. It is one of the most charming wineries in Poland, captivating both with its taste and panorama.

Janowice Winery is growing day by day, and the passion for winemaking still burns in the hearts of its owners. Currently, the vineyard covers one hectare, but its future enlargement is planned to further flourish this unique place. The proximity of Uroczysko Winery is a testament to the perfect location of the vineyard, making exploring these areas a unique experience.

Janowice Winery offers a wide selection of wines, catering to diverse tastes of connoisseurs. Red, white, rosé - each one has its unique character that wins the hearts of wine lovers. Every bottle is carefully selected and produced with passion to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction from the tasting.

For those who want to dive deeper into the world of winemaking, the vineyard owners have prepared unforgettable vineyard tours. It is a fascinating opportunity to learn the secrets of wine production, see how grapes metamorphose into wonderful drinks, and admire picturesque vineyards that become the scenery of this wine spectacle. The stunning landscapes of the Pogórze Microregion add a unique charm to this adventure.

Janowice Winery is not just a place to taste exquisite wines; it is also a space that offers experiences for all senses. Here, time flows slower, and winemaking experiences transport you to a magical world of flavors, scents, and sights. It is a place that creates memories for a lifetime.

Join us and let Janowice Winery take you on a journey through refined wine flavors, transporting you to a land of sensory pleasures. Here, the dreams of all winemaking enthusiasts come true, as each sip is a drop of joy, and every moment spent among the vineyards is a time of fulfilled desires. We invite you to an unforgettable experience at Janowice Winery - rediscover the beauty of wine.