Local Product Center in Rzuchowa

Local products


  • Address: Rzuchowa 1a, 33-114 Rzuchowa

In the heart of the manor-park complex in Rzuchowa, there is a Local Product Center consisting of a modern building, a manor park, and an educational garden. This place has its roots dating back to the 13th century when the production of local products began.

The modern building of the Local Product Center serves cultural and tourist functions. Inside, there is a conference and training hall for 60 people, as well as two smaller rooms that can accommodate 30 and 15 people, respectively, totaling 105 people. The building is used for organizing exhibitions, tastings, workshops, lectures, multimedia presentations, film screenings, conferences, festivals, themed meetings, healthy cooking courses, and many other events. There is also a kitchen studio where local products are promoted through culinary programs.

The Local Product Center in Rzuchowa not only promotes local products but also cares about their proper image and supports producers. It provides extensive advice related to the promotion of local products.

On the ground floor of the building, there is also a shop with local products run by local farmers, where you can find fresh and organic fruits and vegetables from local producers.

The entire Local Product Center in Rzuchowa was created thanks to the Association of Farmers' GROUP. It is a place that not only promotes local culinary culture but also supports the local community and encourages the use of products from the region.